Titash aims to serve South Asian Cuisine in its truest form, such as Balti Dishes from regions of Kashmir, or Tandoori cooked delicacies inspired from our beautiful origins of Bangladesh.


Take a look at our diverse menu which offers a variety of flavours. Our desserts also share the same Indian flair. We are sure you will be spoilt for choice.


To view the menu please download the PDF below, alternatively please scroll down to view each part of the menu separately on screen.

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Tandoori Dishes
Titash House Specials (new)
Chef's Specialties
Garlic Dishes (new)
Karahi Dishes
Balti Dishes
Biryani Dishes
Chicken or Lamb Dishes
Fish Dishes
Shellfish Dishes
Vegetable Dishes
English Dishes
Rice & Bread





Onion Bhaji 3.10
Samosa (meat or vegetable) 3.10
Soup (Dall or Vegetable) 3.10
Chicken Tikka 3.25
Lamb Tikka 3.25
Tandoori Chicken 3.25
Sheek Kebab 3.25
Shami Kebab 3.25
Reshmi Kebab 3.25
Chicken Spring Roll (new) 3.25
Kathi Kebab  3.85

  (spicy diced lamb tikka wrapped in chappati)
Chicken Chat 3.25
Chicken Chat on Puree 3.85
Prawn on Puree 3.75
King Prawn on Puree 3.95
King Prawn Butterfly 3.60
Mixed Kebab (new)  3.95

  (Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Sheek Kebab)
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Tandoori Dishes

These dishes are medium spiced, marinated in fresh herbs and cooked over charcoal in a tandoori clay oven.

Tandoori Chicken (half) 5.50
Tandoori Chicken (full) 9.50
Tandoori Mixed Grill  9.75

  (served with nan bread and fresh salad)
Chicken Tikka 5.50
Lamb Tikka 5.50
Chicken or Lamb Shaslik  6.95

  (chicken pieces flavoured with special spices and cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoes)
Sheek Kebab  6.95

  (minced lamb, mixed with various spices and tenderly cooked in the tandoor)
Paneer Shaslik  5.75

  (made with cottage cheese, in a delectable creamy sauce. Suitable for vegetarians)
Tandoori King Prawn 9.75
Tandoori Trout Fish (may contain bones) 8.95

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Titash House Specials (new)


Agni Chicken  9.25

  (chicken tikka cooked with onions, green peppers and green chillies (hot) doused in spirits and set ablaze)
Chicken Hariali  8.95

  (chicken tikka cooked with spinach in a creamy, mild sauce)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Achari  8.75

  (cooked with pickles to give a sour flavour)
King Prawn Pezal 10.95

  (whole king prawn off the shell cooked with a choice of medium or hot thick sauce) 
Naga Chicken or Lamb  6.75

  (cooked with a very hot authentic Bangladeshi chilli pickle)
Naga Chicken or Lamb Tikka  7.75

  (cooked with a very hot authentic Bangladeshi chilli pickle)
Chicken on Lamb Shatkhora  6.75

  (cooked with Bangladeshi native lime - mild, medium or hot)
Chicken on Lamb Tikka Shatkhora  7.75

  (cooked with Bangladeshi native lime - mild, medium or hot)
Coriander Chicken or Lamb  6.75

  (cooked with fresh coriander with a thick sauce - mild, medium or hot)
Coriander Chicken or Lamb Tikka  7.75

  (cooked with fresh coriander with a thick sauce - mild, medium or hot)
Chicken or Lamb Rezela  6.75

  (cooked with yogurt, mild, medium or hot)
Chicken or Lamb Kerala  6.75

  (South Indian dish cooked with green chillies, green peppers and onions - very hot)
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Chef's Specialties


Chicken Tikka Masala  7.45

  (boneless chicken cooked in tandoori with special sauce and almonds)
Chicken or Lamb Jalfrezi  7.45

  (hot cooked with fresh chilli, onions and capsicum)
Tandoori Butter Chicken  7.45

  (chicken on the bone covered in mixed spicy sauce)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi 8.45

  (hot cooked with fresh chilli, onions and capsicum) 
Tandoori King Prawn Masala  10.95

  (selected king prawn from the bay on Bengal, marinated and grilled in the clay oven then cooked in creamy tandoori sauce)
Lamb Pasanda  7.45

  (tender slices of lamb, simmered in a sauce of almond and cashew nuts, finished with a dash of cream)
Chicken Shajani Masala 8.25

  (breast of chicken cooked with creamy sauce and sliced almonds) 
Chilli Chicken or Lamb (hot)  7.45

  (cooked with green chillies and soya sauce)
Jeera Chicken or Lamb (medium) 7.45
Jeera Chicken or Lamb Tikka (medium) 8.25

  (cooked with cumin spices) 
Methi Chicken or Lamb (medium)  7.95

  (cooked with fenugreek leaves)
Chicken Shaslik Bhuna  7.45

  (chicken, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, grilled in the clay oven, finally cooked with various herbs in sauce)
Gosht Kata Masala  7.45

  (diced tender lamb garnished with nutmeg, moist rich spice)
Murg Masala  7.45

  (tandoori chicken off the bone with minced lamb)
Nargis Keema 7.45

  (minced lamb cooked with nuts in creamy sauce)
Lamb Bahar  7.45

  (lamb cooked with minced meat with green peas in a creamy sauce)
Moglai Chicken (mild) 7.45

  (with almond in creamy sauce)
Peshwari Chicken  7.95

  (with green pepper onion and poppy seed)
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Garlic Dishes

Dishes cooked with fresh garlic


Chicken or Lamb Garlic 7.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Garlic 7.95
Tandoori Chicken Garlic (John special) 8.95

  (tandoori chicken off the bone)
King Prawn Garlic 8.95
Prawn Garlic 6.95
Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom Garlic 5.75

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Karahi Dishes

All Karahi dishes are prepared with a special medium spiced thick sauce, onions, tomatoes, capiscum and finally served in an iron wok.
Chicken Or Lamb Korahi 6.95
Chicken Or Lamb Tikka Karahi 7.95
Vegetable or Mushroom 5.75
King Prawn Karahi 8.75
Prawn Karahi 7.65
Tandoori Chicken Karahi (boneless) 7.65

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Balti Dishes

The dish is unique in its cooking methods and presentation. This traditional dish originated from Kashmir, Pakistan. The dishes are very authentically prepared with natural spiced and herbs. Balti is the cast iron dish in which meat is freshly prepared. Served with Nan or pilau rice.
Chicken or Lamb Balti 7.75
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti 8.75
King Prawn Balti 9.75
Tandoori King Balti 10.95
Prawn Balti 8.75

Mixed Vegetable or Mushroom Balti 7.25
Chicken or Lamb Garlic Balti 8.25

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Biryani Dishes

All Biryani dishes are fried with saffron flavoured rice, served with a fresh vegetable sauce.
Mushroom or Vegtable Biryani 5.95
Chicken or Lamb Biryani 6.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani 8.45
Prawn Biryani 7.95
King Prawn Biryani 8.95
Titash Special Biryani 8.95

  (Lamb, Prawn, Chicken Peas and Mushroom) 
Tandoori Chicken Biryani 7.95
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Chicken or Lamb Dishes

These can be prepared mild, very mild, hot or very hot as requested.


Chicken or Lamb Curry (medium) 5.75
Chicken or Lamb Korma (mild) 5.75
Chicken or Lamb Madras (hot) 5.75
Chicken or Lamb Vindaloo (very hot) 5.75

  (very hot with potatoes)
Chicken or Meat Saag (medium) 6.25

  (medium with spinach)
Chicken or Lamb Bhuna (medium) 5.75
Chicken or Lamb Dopiaza (medium) 5.75

  (medium with onion) 
Chicken or Lamb Dhansak (medium)  7.75

  (hot, sweet and sour with lentils, served with pilau rice)
Chicken or Lamb Rogan (medium) 5.75

  (medium with tomatoes)
Chicken or Lamb Phall (extra hot) 6.75
Chicken or Lamb Kashmiri  5.95

  (mild with bananas)
Chicken or Lamb Mushroom (mild, medium or hot) 6.75
Chicken or Lamb Patiya 6.75

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Fish Dishes

The finest Bangladeshi native sweet water fish are used to make these dishes - all dishes are of medium spice.
Pangash Curry 7.25
Pangash Bhuna 7.25
Telapia Curry 7.25
Telapia Bhuna 7.25
Trout Bhuna (contains bones) 7.25
Trout Masala (contains bones) 7.25

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Shellfish Dishes

These can be prepared very mild, mild, hot or very hot as requested.


Prawn Curry (medium thick sauce) 5.75
Prawn Korma (mild) 5.75
Prawn and Mushroom Curry (medium) 6.25
Prawn Ceylon (fairly hot with coconut) 6.25
Prawn Rogan (medium with tomatoes) 6.25
Prawn Bhuna (medium) 5.75
Prawn Saag (medium) 6.75

  (medium with spinach)
Prawn Dansak (medium)  7.75

  (hot, sweet and sour with lentils, served with pilau rice)
Prawn Pathia (hot) 6.75

   (hot, sweet and tangy) 
Prawn Madras (hot) 5.75
Prawn Vindaloo (hot) 5.75

   (hot with potatoes)
Prawn Kashmiri (mild) 7.25

  (mild with banana)
King Prawn Rogan (medium) 8.45

  (medium with tomatoes)
King Prawn Bhuna (medium) 8.45
King Prawn Saag (medium) 8.95

  (medium with spinach)
King Prawn Dansak (medium) 9.95

  (hot, sweet and sour with lentils, served with pilau rice) 
King Prawn Pathia (hot) 8.45

  (hot, sweet and tangy)
King Prawn Phall (extra hot) 8.95
King Prawn Korma (mild) 8.75
King Prawn Curry (medium thick sauce) 8.75
King Prawn and Mushroom Curry (medium) 8.95
King Prawn Vindaloo (hot) 8.75

  (hot with potatoes)
King Prawn Kashmiri (mild) 8.75

   (mild with banana)
King Prawn Ceylon (fairly hot) 8.75

  (fairly hot with coconut)
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Vegetable Dishes

These are side dishes. But can be ordered as a main dish with a 1.25 additional charge.
Mixed Vegetable Curry (medium) 3.10
Mixed Vegetable Madras (hot) 3.10
Mixed Vegetable Korma 3.10
Mushroom Bhaji 3.45
Bhindi Bhaji  3.10

  (lady fingers)
Cauliflower Bhaji 3.10
Saag Bhaji  3.45

Bombay Aloo  3.10

Saag Aloo  3.45

  (spinach with potatoes)
Aloo Gobi  3.10

  (potatoes with cauliflower Bhaji)
Tarka Dhaal  3.10

Dhaal Sambar  3.10

  (mixed veg with lentils)
Channa Masala  3.10

Brinjal Bhaji 3.10

Mothor Paneer 3.45

   (home made cheese and peas)
Saag Paneer  3.45

  (home made cheese and spinach)
Green Salad 1.75
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English Dishes


Beef Steak and Chips  6.95

  (single piece of steak)
Beef Steak and Chips  10.95

  (two pieces of steak - only the finest British beef is used)
Fried Chicken and Chips 5.75
Chicken Omelette and Chips 5.50
Omelette and Chips 4.95

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Rice and Bread


Plain Rice (basmati rice) 2.25
Pilau Rice (basmati rice) 2.45
Peas Pilau Rice 2.95
Vegetable Rice 2.95
Egg Fried Rice 2.95
Mushroom Pilau Rice 2.95
Onion Rice 2.95
Coconut Rice 2.95
Nan (tandoori bread) 2.10
Stuffed Nan  2.45

  (stuffed with vegetables)
Keema Nan  2.45

  (stuffed with mince meat)
Garlic Nan  2.45

  (stuffed with garlic)
Peshwari Nan  2.45

  (sweet - stuffed with sultanas and almonds)
Paratha 2.75
Stuffed Paratha 2.75

  (stuffed with vegetable) 

Chapati 1.75
Chips 1.75
Raitha  1.75

  (yoghurt with onions or cucumber)
Papadom 0.85

  (crispy bread) 
Spicy Papadom 0.85

 (slightly hot crispy bread)
Chutneys or Mixed Pickles (each) 0.85

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